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Eat, Shop and Play
106.1 FM — AM 1340
Radio Host: Paulee

Mitch and Chris talk about the creation of Legendary Tattoos and the birth of Legendary Screen printing. From playing music together in their 20s to Starting a custom Tattoo Shop in Tarpon Springs, Fl. The story of small business beginnings in Mitch’s garage to a custom t shirt printing shop. This Radio show discusses local business navigation through the new times we have been faced with. Helping small business to promote through branded apparel, T-shirt printing and Embroidery Services in the Tamp Bay area.

Social Banter Podcast

Hosted by Daniel and Melissa Cruz

Mitch Talks about his Local music career and how it lead becoming a local Tattoo artist and T shirt printer in the Tampa Bay area. We discuss Tattoos, Piercing, Custom T-shirt design, Embroidered apparel and how the Screen printing shop began. The story of the conception of Legendary Tattoos and Legendary Screen Printing as an inspiring small business story and the beginning of our Custom Tattoo Apparel brand Legendary Ltd.

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Screen Printing Magazine

Oct/Nov 2020 Edition
Article by Adrienne Palmer

Chris (Production Manager) Discusses the beginning of t-shirt creation and all aspects of the of the Legendary Screen Printing Brand. Read the story of two friends United to create a Local Tee shirt print shop that stands out from the rest. From Screen Printing in the Garage days to our state of the art Apparel showroom and custom apparel printing and Embroidery studio.