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High Quality Screen Printing in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Our Legendary screen-Printing team has the experience and know-how to ensure your custom apparel order is printed at it’s best. With years of serving the Tarpon Springs area and hundred’s of thousands of screen-prints our experienced team of T shirt artists have honed in a process that perfectly balances quality and speed of production. From the complexities of mixing inks for perfect logo color matched prints, fine-tuning dpi and print angles for optimal printing, and monitoring temperatures to ensure inks are correctly cured, screen-printing is truly an art form within itself.

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High-quality Screen Printed apparel is beneficial for business marketing, organizations aiming for uniformity, and individuals looking to upgrade gift items or just personalize their stuff. Whichever of these you want, our Tarpon Springs apparel printing experts can help you have it!

Legendary Screen Printing offers a plethora of apparel that can be printed on with your customized designs. From the simple addition of your company name and logo to a more intricate combination of artistic and marketing elements, our graphic designer can customize your apparel with ease. You may ask where is the best screen printer near me? Ask no further, Legendary has got you covered!

From personalized gifts to team uniforms and promotional items, the Screen Printing you need will be delivered at a quick turnaround with guaranteed high quality. Ready to get started? Discuss your apparel needs with our team today.

Call Legendary Screen Printing and Design at (727) 940-3403 for your Free Consultation with our Print shop Manager!

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What Makes a Great Screen Printer?

A great screen-printer knows his way around the T shirt printing press and their inks. They have the understanding and experience to combine inks to match specific colors, and the knowledge of how different colors will print on different fabrics with the instincts to correct those variations. Each new addition to our screen-printing team goes through a thorough training period and is then mentored by a senior screen-printer to ensure they have developed all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a great Custom T shirt printer.


We are now offering Small Business Branding Packages to help out your Start-up or Small business that is looking for a simple way to market their brand. These are the best bang for your buck and we can customize your order to fit your apparel needs! Check out our facebook page to see all of the new T shirt specials and updates on local events.